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This story is an illustration one more time.

Because now it’s ruining my life, no money, cars are going to be seized today, now the worst in my life.

Get started

I know about online baccarat. Because 3 years ago, my friend introduced me to know online football. Because when I used to like to play set football When going to play, they will drive a motorcycle to stab at the shop. Playing for a week is 100-200, just that, some lose, some mix together.

Until one day, I saw a friend playing online in one big website, with the web page like opening an app, playing, we saw a friend playing it easy. You don’t have to run to stab it far away. When wanting to play, transfer money to the system, it looks easy and asks friends to apply for it. Play for a year and get a little bit. สล็อตอันดับหนึ่ง

But otherwise, there is one day in front of the web football that I said at first. It renovates the web page. There was an online casino link popping up with curiosity. So I clicked to see it is Baccarat.

Baccarat is a two-side card that is like Pok Eight, Pok Nine is five points, drawing six points, but we will choose the side that will pay the money before giving away. Whether to bet on which side is the player’s side (if the card is not good Will be drawn first), Banker side will draw later (this side will have the advantage Because if the customer side points low on this side, 4 points, 5 points can not draw Therefore, if stabbing on the Banker is correct, it will not be fully deducted 5% when stabbing every time It looks like the opportunity is 50-50, right?

But not at all

When going to look at Baccarat, think in your heart, hey, is it like this as well? Someone came to sit and distribute the cards out of the camera as well. There is still outstanding money in the system. When we switch to the casino page, our money is followed by. This is the starting point.

Because on the first day I can play from the original with the same capital from the ball about 2000. Playing baccarat has increased until almost 4000, I think it is faster than playing football again.

It seems to be fooled before. In the beginning I was addicted to it for over a year.
I can tell you that it is definitely a cheat every time we bet a little. It will be right, some wrong, and alternate.

But when we accumulate money and keep stabbing, when the balance is high, it will start to eat us with no excuse, that is, it will make the side that we do not bet. Or the side that has a lot of money, get out of Pok, eight or nine, win without having to win a draw Which I think would definitely be cheating Like having a card can be determined

The latter is more eccentric when I stabbed the Banker (5% deducted side) assuming

PLAYER: draw 3 cards and get a total of 5 points.
Banker is the side that I bet a lot at that time, open 2 cards with 6 points, and should it be eaten right? But the dealer (dealer) it draws the third card from the holder 6 points, it returns 3 points 2 points.
Oh, I don’t know what to say. I want to cry a lot

During the two years that I knew it, I was addicted to it when I had no money. Need to borrow debt, borrow money, he came to play until he got the real ghost of gambling
For two years I have known it, over 400,000 baht.

Now, owed into credit card debt. Losing all the money around people, losing their name, losing their dignity Lose credibility Do not dare to fight in front of anyone. Today, no money will buy rice today. Despite the increased salary But had to pay debts, spend money on interest until there was no money left with him Until sometimes there are flashes of thoughts in my head I want to kill myself very much, making my mother cry.

As I have been sitting here for a long time and typing here, I am very sad and very sad. Who does not know it or knows it already. If you have come to read my posts Please keep in mind not to interfere or step away from it as quickly as possible. If you don’t want to be like me …. and I can swear That it is true from me

Finally, I would like to make a contract with all my brothers and sisters in the room on this website. Which I have been a member for a long time But asked to remove the login for embarrassment That I will stop messing with it, not that as of today, I have no money to eat to quit. But I will start over again. It is an encouragement for me.

And I would like to dedicate this post to people who have been mistaken like me. And can’t accept it Until having to think shortly from this world to everyone as well Because I understand Why do they do that?

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